The Use Of Entrance Mats As A Promotional Tool

August 22, 2022 0 Comments

When it comes to marketing your business, entryway mats may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, these floor coverings provide several branding chances; in fact, they’re a considerably more effective advertising tool than you may have realized.

While most people recognize the significance of a company’s physical entryway when it comes to making those all-important first impressions, the matting isn’t always at the top of the list. Given what they can achieve, it’s hardly surprising that businesses are increasingly investing in vivid, welcoming branded mats.

How To Use Entrance Mats To Improve Your Brand?

You’ll see entryway matting in a wide variety of company kinds, from stores to offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other public-service facilities.

But, for many of us, when we think about entry mats, we envision a simple, maybe mundane event. We probably think of these devices as simply somewhere to wipe your feet, with the vague notion that they keep surfaces cleaner and safer.

However, entry mats may play a significant part in marketing and branding, as well as generating a memorable first impression that visitors to a site will take away with them – and remember. Indeed, floor coverings might be an excellent way to introduce your company.

Here are some ideas for maximizing the possibilities of entryway matting as a promotional/branding tool:

#1 Include Bright Colors

Choose a vividly colored mat or one with dramatic accent colors that compliment or use your brand colors. This is a proven technique to draw attention while also improving the design and appearance of your establishment.

#2 Purchase A Logo Mat

These days, it’s fairly simple to mark mats with your company’s logo, colors, or other graphic elements. Furthermore, you may be as aggressive or as subtle as you like!

#3 Welcome Visitors With Entrance Mats

This is one of the traditional functions of doormats, and it’s worth remembering. Use entryway matting to greet all guests and guide them inside your building. Branded hotel entry mats, particularly in hotel settings, may create the ideal welcome. Why not greet customers in different languages if you have an international clientele?

#4 Logo Mats With Custom Shape

Consider custom-designed and shaped ColorStar Impressions Logo Mats to add a dash of extra luxury to their entire look and design, especially if you manage a hotel or similar hospitality facilities. Examine hospitality entryway mats more closely. Branded mats allow you to speak loud and clear about who you are.

#5 As Always, Less Is More!

As with so many other things, less is typically more when it comes to the design of branded mats or other personalized floor covering. Don’t stuff too much text on your carpet. Instead, keep to concise content with a logo and pattern that is obvious, uncomplicated, and clean. This increases your chances of being discovered greatly.

#6 Get The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Entrance Mats

It’s easy to forget that branded carpets may be used both inside and outside of a facility. Not only does external matting allow visitors to dry their feet, resulting in less dirt trailing inside your site, but it also provides another opportunity to greet guests and make your company premises stand out.

Similarly, if you’re unsure about how your inside entry matting should appear, how about having outdoor mats to greet visitors and branded logo mats for once they’ve passed the threshold?