Good Reasons Why Adults Are Switching From Cigarette Smoking To IQOS

May 25, 2022 0 Comments

Every cigarette smoker is familiar with the harmful effects of their habits on health. It is the combustion involved in cigarette smoking that causes smoking-related diseases. The smoking industry introduced many ways to enjoy tobacco, but in every method burning of nicotine was involved. The latest invention is a product that does not depend on the burning principle and is claimed to be a better alternative to smoking. It is called the IQOS device.

IQOS is claimed to be the best alternative to continue tobacco smoking. It emits 95% less toxic chemicals in comparison to tobacco combustion cigarettes. You can check out IQOS products and a variety of models on It is estimated that more than 12.7 million worldwide adults excluding Ukraine and Russia switched to IQOS. Here are some compelling good reasons why people are switching from tobacco cigarettes to IQOS.

No Tar

When you smoke a cigarette tar is generated. It is a smoke residue that contains the majority of harmful chemicals and carcinogenic compounds. When tobacco smoke is huffed, the sticky tar accumulates in the lungs. The risks of lung issues like cancer and emphysema increase. 

Alternatively, IQOS does not generate aerosol residue. Aerosol is different from smoke tar and comprises low percentages of health-damaging chemicals. Therefore, instead of exposing your lungs to high risk via a smoking switch to IQOS and reduce the extent of health damage.

No combustion

IQOS device heats the tobacco rather than burning it. There is no fire, ash, or smoke involved. IQOS makes use of HeatControl technology, which heats tobacco to precisely 350°C. Every element of the IQOS device is crafted carefully for offering a less risky heated tobacco experience. You can enjoy nicotine moment heated not combusted. 

Less CO and toxic gas release

Carbon monoxide is one of many hazardous chemicals released into the environment. There have been CO poisoning cases where a lot of cigarettes are smoked quickly in an enclosed room. The COHb in a smoker’s bloodstream is high, which can contribute to atherosclerosis and heart attack. Second-hand smoke is also harmful to your loving ones. 

IQOS does not burn tobacco and generates only 2% carbon monoxide which is 98% less than cigarette smoking. Even the releases of other carcinogenic compounds are less. 


Smokers are used to the strong odor but to non-smokers it is unpleasant. Lingering cigarette odor is also dangerous to health. The odor clings to the environment, clothing, hair, skin, etc. It has active elements that are connected to several health problems like sudden infant death syndrome, cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

Alternatively, IQOS is a better option to continue tobacco smoking but with fewer third-hand smoke issues. The heat of tobacco leaves less lingering smoke in comparison, so staying close to loved ones is safe.

IQOS is an advanced electronic device equipped with heating technology. Tobacco is heated to deliver the nicotine and not burnt. Heating is better than burning because fewer harmful chemicals are emitted in comparison to cigarette smoking. Therefore, people are switching towards IQOS!