What is the Best Marijuana Plant for Chronic Pain?

March 5, 2022 0 Comments

Chronic pain can be a serious problem. 20% of U.S. adults experience chronic pain. That’s approximately one in five Americans. Chronic pain can take many forms.

There are many solutions.

In the 21st century, the stigma surrounding marijuana is disappearing. Many people, both young and old, realize that medical cannabis could be the cure for their ailments. This article will guide you in finding the best strains for anxiety and focus.

What You Need to Know About Marijuana to Treat Pain

Before you begin to learn about the best marijuana strains for treating pain, you need to know a bit about why people use them. Let’s take an in-depth look at what makes marijuana such a pain-relieving drug and how different people integrate it into their lives.

How It Reduces Pain

There are two active components in Marijuana that can help with pain relief. THC and CBD are the active components.

Simply stated, THC (or marijuana) is the psychological component of marijuana. It activates reward receptors in the brain and reduces pain. There is a slight high. However, you can still get high with many cannabis strains.

CBD is the no psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. It reduces anxiety and pain while also reducing the risk of getting high. A strain that focuses on CBD will provide relief and not make you feel sedated.

How it’s taken

It’s possible to take medical marijuana in many different ways. Many people inhale marijuana using a vaporizer. Some also eat cannabis-infused foods. Other options include applying a heavier CBD-rich strain to the skin as a lotion, oil spray, cream, or spray.

It is possible to feel more medical-like by applying marijuana to the skin. You will be able to decide the type of marijuana you want to use for pain relief.

You now have a better understanding of how people use marijuana. It is important to determine what type of pain you feel.

Understand Your Pain

Marijuana can be very specific. This is one of the best things about using marijuana to treat body aches. Many strains can help with pain depending on what you’re experiencing. Once you are familiar with the best marijuana strains for you, you can go wild.

Nociceptive Treatment

The easiest type of pain to understand is nociceptive. It’s pain that is directly related to a physical condition. It can result from injuries, arthritis, surgery, or other causes.

These most common sources of pain are often caused by injury, arthritis, etc., but we sometimes feel no pain. Why?

Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain refers to pain that is caused by the nervous system. It could be caused by an injury. However, it must specifically be an injury that damages a nerve. Neuropathic pain is a frustrating condition because it radiates. Anti-inflammatory don’t usually work for it.

What strain is best for my pain type?

Now that you’re familiar with how medical marijuana acts to treat pain, it’s time you decide which strain you prefer.


Harlequin, for those who aren’t already familiar with cannabis effects but want to relieve their pain, is a wonderful place. This strain is low in THC but high in CBD. You will experience relief, but not the high. It is a Sativa, which causes a heady feeling. But Harlequin’s effect on anxiety is more soothing than that of high-causing.

Harlequin has wonderful daytime effects due to its small psychological effects. Harlequin’s quick pain-relief effect means that anyone who takes it will experience a safe, effective, and pleasant medical experience.

This strain can treat patients suffering from nociceptive or central pain. Patients with chronic conditions such as arthritis and central pain can reap the benefits of high CBD pain relief. Patients suffering from central pain and those suffering from other ailments like arthritis will also benefit from the combination Sativa/CBD.


Blueberry is both high in CBD, and THC. This is the perfect strain for anyone who needs high-quality, pain relief. However, it does not have a strong psychoactive effect. Blueberry, a classic strain of cannabis, is great for those looking for something reliable.

Blueberry has a high effectiveness rate for central pain relief. However, the high THC content of this strain makes it difficult to use daytime. People suffering from insomnia, tension, or the end of the night can benefit from intense relaxation. This strain could provide long-term pain relief and tension relief.

Blueberry is considered a “heady” strain and has been known to cause headaches. Blueberry is the perfect strain to help with sleep at night.