Understanding the Nature of Plastic and Its Ban Around the Globe

August 17, 2021 0 Comments

Plastic has been amidst a vortex of controversy in the past decade. The depletion that it causes to the environment far exceeds the short-term comfort. Today, one trillion single-use plastic bags are being used worldwide per year. This sums up to 2 million single-use plastic bags a day. A plastic bag takes 1000 years to be broken down, thus it is almost immortal.

At individual levels, we must shift to biodegradable bags, which can be easily broken down in the soil and do not cause much damage to our environment. Custom Earth Promos is a USA-based company that makes custom shopping bagsAll of their bags are bio-degradable and cause no damage to their environment.

They also take care of the aesthetics of the bags. Their bags come in a variety of color combinations and sizes. The least which you can do to protect the environment is to protect the environment starts by replacing plastic with biodegradable bags.

Impact of Plastic in The World

Plastics are a friend of none. They are a source of nuisance where ever they go. If we cut down the use of plastics, it can have positive impacts on:

1- Rivers

2- Wildlife

3- Oceans

4- Forests

5- Lakes

Even though plastics are degradable in theory, in practice they are not because the speed of their degradation is insanely outpaced by the speed of their production. Plastics cause a huge loss of marine life. Every year, millions and billions of fishes, especially whales die due to swallowing plastic.

Steps Taken by The World 

On average, an individual uses 150 single-use plastic bags a year. The average time of use of a plastic bag is 12 minutes. Thus, for such short-timed ease, such huge damage is being caused to the environment. Plastic is the topmost consumer product in the world. Its ubiquity is concerning and alarming.

Countries around the globe have banned the production and use of plastic. According to the records of the United Nations, hitherto, 127 nations have either taxed or in toto banned the use of plastic. Many other countries are also following suit. The infamous terrorist organization Al-Qaeda too has banned the use of plastic at a local level.

China, in 2008, banned the use of plastic, which is thinner than 25 microns. It also taxed the use of thick plastic and is promoting the use of cloth bags ever since. By the way of stringent laws and effective implementation, they have been successful in cutting down 70% of plastic use by negating a total of 40 billion plastic bags.


Even though it may seem like they save you money, plastic takes a great toll on the economy of the world. Every year, countries are squandering billions and trillions of dollars to undo the scathing impacts of plastic on our environment. This money can be saved and used for the welfare of people if the use of plastic is ceased once and for all.