Read This Before Installing Glass Verandas for Your House

August 27, 2021 0 Comments

We all like a little open space and fresh air in our house. Apart from large windows and floor-to-ceiling doors, a structure like a veranda gives you a shaded space opening outside. Making verandas started with extensive colonial architecture. It became popular in the 1850s, especially in Australia. Then, it came down to the USA as early as 1900 to safeguard against the harsh summer heat. Air conditioning was yet to reach the market.

With time, the veranda has not lost its existence. It has rather combined modern concepts with aesthetics and taken a contemporary look. It has shifted to glass room extensions and garden rooms. You can check out glass rooms at Open Space Concepts, a company based in the UK. They have various high-quality installations that can come with added features like infra-red heating, sliding glass doors, fixed glazing, LED lighting, remote-controlled screens, and blinds. You just start with a glass veranda roof and then add screening at the sides when necessary.

Basic Features of A Glass Veranda

  • A glass veranda would have a toughened glass roof panels with an aluminum frame. They also come in polycarbonate roofing.
  • It would always be a part of the main building.
  • It can cover and shade multiple sides of a building at a stretch.
  • You can attach blinds to the sides; otherwise, it’s completely an immovable structure.
  • A veranda is like a covered porch. It can only provide you with shade and cannot protect you from external elements.

How Different Is It from A Pergola?

A veranda does not protect from all the weather changes like a bioclimatic pergola. Though most of the time, a pergola uses the outer wall of the building in the backyard, it can exist without being attached to the main structure. The most important feature that makes a pergola different from a veranda is that you can control the temperature inside the structure along with proper ventilation. You can also decide how much sunlight you are letting in. You can retract the roof in some pergolas till where you want, which is impossible for a veranda.

A veranda is narrow and suitable for just putting up few chairs for sitting side by side. At most, you could place some potted plants. On the other hand, a pergola has enough space for lounging or setting up a table for the family to have dinner outside. You can also set up a small party with a barbeque.


The pricing of adding a veranda to the existing structure is incomparable to standard glass garden rooms. It would completely depend on the material and features you choose. The more you want, you have to pay more.

Is Planning Permission Necessary?

You would hardly require planning permission for a veranda. If your glass veranda is larger than half of your ground floor area, you might need permission. Check out the details with a professional when they investigate the site for installation.

It may take up to 6 to 8 weeks for your glass veranda to materialize. You would need hardly 1 or 2 days for the installation. Lastly, you can also add value to your property through such an inviting structure.