Can You Carry E-Liquid While Travelling On A Plane?

August 26, 2021 0 Comments

You must be well aware of the restrictions on smoking while you are boarding a plane. So, if you have now switched to e-cigarette and have started vaping, then can you carry e-liquid along with you? Whether there are different restrictions on different airlines, or throughout the UK, the same rules are followed?

Those who have switched to vaping will be happy to know that e-liquid is permitted while you are boarding a plane. However,  every airline has different rules regarding how much e-liquid that you can carry in your checked baggage.

Before you board any flight, it will always be important to read the guidelines very carefully, as policies may continually change whatever key restrictions and permission that we mention over here may get changed from time to time as per the direction of the UK government.

  1. British Airways

You may carry your e-liquids while boarding your flight, but before you buy your e-liquids from a vape shop, you must always check again because if you have a connecting flight in any different airlines, then the regulation about hand baggage may be different. In certain countries, an e-cigarette may be banned.

2. Eastern Airways

Although you can take your vape kits on board, but not in your check-in luggage, also, refills are not allowed.

3. EasyJet

You are not allowed more than 1000ml in your hand luggage. Also, each bottle should not exceed 100ml.

4. Emirates

As per their website, even if you are carrying a bottle that is more than 100ml with only partially filled, it will still be refused. You must present your clear bag at the security checkpoint containing any e-liquids sealed for visual examination.

5. Jet2

You must always adhere to all the regulations while traveling this airline if you want to carry your vaping products, e.g., e-liquids.

You must not pack up more than 1 liter of the vape juice, and the maximum bottle size should not exceed 100ml. You must present them to security staff before boarding. To get more information about the e-liquid related restrictions, you may visit their website before boarding.

6. Ryanair

Ryanair airlines will allow you to carry your favorite e-liquids on the plane. Just maintain the same restrictions that are set out by most other airlines. If it is secure and kept in the proper bags of the right dimensions, then it is permitted.

7. TUI Airways

All standard rules are applicable in this airline, too, i.e., a maximum of 100ml e-liquid must be stored within a clear plastic bag, having a maximum dimension of 20cm x 20cm. Also, the total must not exceed one liter.

8. Virgin Atlantic Airways

The same standard rule of 100ml bottles (maximum 10), and you are not allowed to carry more than 1 liter while boarding the flight.

9. Wizz Air

Again the same rule is applicable in this airline, too i.e., you can carry e-liquid in a 100 ml bottle and are not allowed to carry more than one liter.

You may, however, always visit the websites of the respective airlines before boarding the plane.