Google Ads Strategy and Guide to Get Better ROI from Ads Campaign

July 22, 2021 0 Comments

Google Ads is the single most efficient tool, which has the potential to boost your business and skyrocket your ROI conversion. It offers various strategies for advertising. Choosing the right strategy for your campaign can prove to be the best decision for your business, however, if an ineffective marketing campaign is chosen, it will run you out of resources.

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What strategies can you apply?

You must be visible to potential customers. Google is a host of billions of searches every day. If you plan the right way, you can be visible to those searches, which are relevant to your Ads. The more views your Ads get, the higher the likelihood of people actually clicking on your Ads and generating conversions.

You can also opt for a PPC campaign. Thus, you will not be paying for mere spectators. You will pay only for those users who actually landed on your webpage by clicking on the Ad. Here is a list of few key points which you must consider for higher ROI and better conversion rate:

1- Choose the precise keywords- the importance of the right keywords can never be over-emphasized. The right keyword can land plentiful of customers on your page. The keyword research tool of Google gives an in-depth insight into the past pattern and the changing trends regarding various keywords. This lets you funnel down your approach.

Google also proffers a bid estimate for every keyword. This will give you a broad idea of your advertising budget.

2- Select the most attractive format- An Ad with just the right elements to attract the customers can do wonders in your campaign. Add attractive elements, videos, and Gifs to your ad to make it more appealing. Google Ads editor is free of cost tool which allows the creators to manage bulk ads with ease.

It allows you to download your campaign and apply bulk changes to all of your accounts at once. Before executing an ad, you must view the final result in the drafts which is the reflection of how your ad will appear to the targeted audience.

3- Track your progress- You must regularly track the campaign metrics like click-through rates, conversions, etc. This will help you gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. Thus, you will be able to filter out those Ad campaigns which are not working or are not generating enough conversions.

4- Reach the Video audience- YouTube offers a huge pool of potential customers. With an effective marketing campaign, you can target that audience, which searches for results that are similar to the products or services that you offer. This lets you to laser-focus the search for potential customers on the basis of Geography, age, gender, etc.

Video ads are also helpful because they provide more opportunities to be expressive. Since more senses are involved in video ads, they have proven to be more impactful. Also, the analytics tool of YouTube offers you an in-depth understanding of who is watching your ads and the way they interact with it.

5- Promote your Apps- It is crucial that you promote your apps as well. The app campaign of google lets you promote the app on IOS and Android platforms. Your ad gets displayed on YouTube, Google, Play Store, and at many other places. Google uses the information of your app on the Play Store and Appstore. It also lets you add texts, images, and videos to the campaign.


Revenue generation is the essence of every business and advertising strategy. By the wake of the internet era, google has heralded a new method of marketing i.e., Internet marketing. The ubiquity of the Internet can be a boon for your Advertising campaign and a well-planned Google Ad campaign strategy can work like magic for your business.