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When was the Breitling for Bentley replica watches dispatched to me? As I need to receive it at my address by Friday. Please advise urgently. What exactly has been the problem? I am regrettably not confident it will arrive as ordered. I will not inform the credit card company about your contact until receipt. Also why is it shown as 72GBP on your web site with free shipping and you have charged 77GBP? Please advise if delivery by Friday is likely to happen. I can see now that you are not a UK company per your apparent UK based web site. With that in mind and due to the now confirmed Hong Kong Post, what happens regarding UK VAT and customs duty payable as the item is more than likely to be intercepted by UK customs and a charge imposed which could be considerable depending on the value assessment. They may also cease it? Had it been coming from UK as web site and as ordered this would not be an issue. I notice also that apology for the delay and inconvenience is absent. Please confirm regarding charges and dispatch.

I did want another two fake Breitling for Bentley watches identified from your web site but I am unlikely to order again unless my fears are removed and delivery is imminent with no additional cost. As previously advised I ordered the watch on the 10th August assuming it was a UK web site, and I should be in receipt of it by now therefore. As stated also I will be out of the UK and in the USA from 1st to the 27th September and I will not therefore be available to receive and sign for the item assuming it is delivered and it is not intercepted by customs, which is more than likely despite what you have said. So you will see I cannot give it a few more days and your tracking cannot trace it beyond arrival in UK on 28th August. Where it is impossible to know. Very disappointing indeed making me very reluctant to order the other watches I wanted from your web site given the problems I have experienced and without any apology. Meantime the credit card company want further information for their investigations. Receipt cannot be confirmed now until the end of August and VAT and customs charges are very likely before release by Royal Mail UK. I am also not sure how long Royal Mail UK will hold it before return if undelivered. More problems from a simple but misguided transaction.

I received a watch that I ordered and it is completely wrong. I ordered a women size datejust with a white face and roman numerals. I received a men size watch with gold roman numerals. I was also charged $80 more than was told. I waited two weeks and I need the correct Breitling for Bentley fake watches as soon as possible. Please contact me with how this can be resolved.