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Received the Breitling Professional replica watches recently, however this time I was very disappointed. The date window should be centered below the lens bubble, but as you can see on the attached photo, it is skewed over very far to the right. As a result the watch does not look authentic at all. This is different to the photo on the link I sent you below, where the date is centered beneath the lens bubble. I understand it is a replica, but I still expect the quality to be higher than this, as it has been for all the watches you have sent me previously which I was very happy with. I was looking forward to buying more watches, but I'm not so sure after this. Is there anything we can do about this?

However it is my knowledge that a quartz watch means it is battery operated and has nothing to do with the second hand movement. Automatic means the watch is not battery powered. Other sites selling similar products state if the second hand sweeps as per a genuine Breitling brand watch. Anyone with the slightest of knowledge of a Breitling knows the second hand doesn't tick but sweeps, I just want to know if the imitation replica Breitling Professional watches you are selling sweep, I don't want to risk purchasing one unless I know for certain the second hand sweeps on the Breitling.

I followed your instructions, but the watch still will not run. I think that the issue may be that I am unable to wind the watch because the screw-down sleeve that contains the stem extends too far from the case. When the stem clears the sleeve, it is at the date adjusting position, and when I push it down towards the case to wind it, it simply screws down over the sleeve. I have just received my Breitling Professional fake watches and I am disappointed to find that it is impossible to set the time and date. When I do set the time and then try to screw in the crown the fingers move and at one point the whole crown and shaft came out of the watch. I think that there is a quality control problem here and I was also disappointed to find that it had been shipped from China when I bought it from a UK company.