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I am deeply disappointed in the service you have offered to me. I have been emailing you since you sent me the wrong Breitling Navitimer replica watches over 1 month ago, and the only resolution options you have given me is to spend more money with you. There is no way I can trust that you will send the correct watch, your careful checking of the watch should have occurred on the first time I ordered and paid for this watch and not put us in this scenario of you sending me a faulty watch, ripping me off $180.14 by sending me a watch that is worth about $10. This whole ordeal has left me sad and never wanting to deal with you again.

When an order is made on a website, it's common practice for the company to send the customer a receipt. The fact there's no telephone number to speak to a staff member also concerns me. The spelling and use of language on the website is very poor, leading me to believe it isn't professional. There's no customer reviews on the website, which there surely would be if the company was confident in their products. I searched for reviews elsewhere and none of them were positive. Some of which said emails were never replied to, others said they're still waiting for their fake Breitling Navitimer watches months after ordering.

I am very impressed with my recent gold watch, diamond replica watch so much. So I bought one for my brother in law for his birthday. He was indifferent to think that it was even a fake! I have recommended your watches to friends and even I showed my local jeweler "prouds" and she was very impressed with the quality of your watches and I even had her fooled when I showed the Breitling Navitimer fake watches to her in the beautiful jarrah presentation case! I always wear it out on weekends with my girlfriend and just going out and am amazed at the looks I get. It really does look like the real deal. Many thanks and I will definitely keep in touch to keep up the good work.