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Best Swiss Breitling Avenger Replica Watches For Sale

Actually I've already bought Breitling Avenger replica watches from you and it's faulty so, it's not really fair that I buy another watch is it? I suggest you either give me a refund or send another watch. Why should I spend more money on another watch? Last two times you over charged me on my card anyway. Me buying another watch will not resolve this issue. I'm not happy.

I've had to take it to a jewellers and have the catch changed, as the original catch was so sharp it was impossible to take it off without cutting my finger. This cost me £ 25.00. The 6 o'clock marker is pointing towards 7 o'clock and the glow in the dark part of the 9 o'clock marker is completely misshaped. The dial markings don't line up with the bezel and the colour of the bezel a dirty cream, not white. These are very poor fake Breitling Avenger watches. I will only consider keeping it if you provide a discount to me, otherwise I will return this for a full refund as it's not the same as what you are showing in your website picture. Please don't waste my time offering less than what I have already had to spend to make the watch stop cutting me, so I can actually wear it. I expect more than £ 25.00 discount as the quality of the watch is also poor.

I already have some Breitling Avenger fake watches. An authentic Chronomat Blackbird that is 43.7mm in size and based on the 43.7mm Chronomat Evolution. I want a new bezel from it, but wish to purchase a replica bezel because the price on the OEM part is outrageous. I want this bezel to have similar looks to either the Chronomat GMT 44mm or the Chronomat 44 bezels. I would prefer the finish be brushed matte, but I am also interested in a polished finish should the matte brushed finish not be available. I would also be very interested if you offer any Chronomat bezels that use diamonds.